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Besides this website, both Texel Sheep Flock Book societies use the monthly magazine ‘Het Schaap’ to publish relevant information about sheep farming and management.

Export of the Texel Sheep
Texel Sheep are in great demand all over the world. This is mainly due to the excellent meat quality delivered by the sheep farms and their great health status. The flock book sheep are free of maedi-visna (MVV). Because of the large number of Texel Sheep that are exported, the qualities of this breed are known in many countries. On a yearly basis, over 600.000 slaughter lambs are exported.

Texelsheep are widely appreciated for:
* the rams which are very suitable as sires for crossbreeding with other breeds and within the Texel breed;
* the ewes which achieve excellent results and contribute to good economic results;
* the fact that the ewes mature early and produce a good number of lambs;
* their strength and docility, and the fact that they require low maintenance;
* the lambs, which are of excellent slaughter quality.

Boards of the NTS and TsNH
NTS board
Chairman breeding commission
Executive committee
TsNH board
Inspectors NSFO
Head inspector
Organisational structure
Organisational structure of NTS and TsNH
In the Netherlands there are 2 flock book societies for Texel Sheep: Dutch Texel Sheep Flock Book (NTS) and Texel Flock Book of North Holland (TsNH). The aim of these organisations is to improve the quality of the pure Texel Sheep breed by working closely together. Registered pure-bred Texel Sheep are bred by the rules and guidelines of these organisations. 
Important focus points include informing, breeding, sales and professional support. Both the NTS and TsNH make use of the NSFO’s executive services. The TsNH operates in North Holland, the NTS in the rest of the Netherlands.

The main activities of the Texel Sheep flock book societies are:
1. identification and registration
2. visual appraisal
3. determination of the breeding goals
4. setting up and executing breeding programs
5. determination of breeding values for litter size and growth
6. publishing farming information
7. organising exhibitions
8. proper education
9. negotiating purchases and sales

List of member of NTS and TsNH
Click here for the current list of members
You can also find an overview of all members in various regions on the district pages.

Become a member
If you would like to know more about joining NTS, please email secretary Hilde Pierik-Schoemaker: or call 0031572-366855 (address: Steege 10, 8106 PD Mariënheem, the Netherlands).
For more information about joining TsNH you can contact secretary Wout Rodenburg: or call 0031224-217008 (address: Dorpsstraat 6, 1769 HB Haringhuizen, the Netherlands).

‘The National’
A highlight for every NTS/TsNH breeder
Once every 2 years, the best NTS and TsNH breeders meet for The National: a grand show and judging event in Ermelo. A real highlight for these breeders AND for fans, who are free to visit as well.
There will be a new edition of The National in 2017.
The last National was on 22 August 2015.
This is a video impression made during The National 2013.
Upcoming events
Judging events and shows NTS and TsNH
Saturday 26 August 2017
Judging event St. Oedenrode
Riding school De Pijnhorst
Bremhorst 6, 5491 LR St Oedenrode
The Netherlands

Results of the NTS and TsNH judging events, including reports.